resilient & inclusive public transport

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Micro-mobility and public transport

WP3 focuses on micromobility, drawing on the experiences surrounding the planning and provision of different forms of emerging micromobilities and how (well) they integrate into the public transport system(s) and into their host urban environment(s). In this WP, researchers collaborate with the regional public transport authorities and city authorities as well as micromobility providers. WP3 coordinates the STO-ULL, which allows other WPs to draw on inclusive planning approaches and participatory processes in the integration of micromobility into existing PT systems as well as urban environments. Other elements of the project such as FUR-ULL, OSL-ULL and Tallinn UR can draw on and contribute to this work through the engagement of micromobility actors and investigations surrounding how micromobility solutions can complement existing public transport and built environment infrastructures. Close collaboration with OSL-ULL is expected with regard to their experience with micromobilities. Equally, another work package (WP5) will focus on how transit-oriented developments and stations positively interacts with micromobility planning (concerning not only questions of parking but also extension of PT reach beyond walking distance).