resilient & inclusive public transport

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Flanders Urban Living Lab

The Flanders Living Lab focuses on the role of flexible public transport as a solution for transport poverty in sparsely populated areas of Flanders. The current system of on-demand buses is about to change to different solutions, like taxi services, shared mobility and other flexible systems. The Flanders Urban Living Lab will explore in what way the needs of people in these areas are met by the current system, and whether the new systems will provide better, or more challenging, services. We will do this by bringing together stakeholders from organisations, working with different groups of people with higher risks of transport poverty, stakeholders from government and the transport authorities, and the citizens, to reflect on the current and future potential and barriers of the flexible public transport solutions. The Living Lab will also explore possibilities of bottom-up and self-organised transport as a solution to meet transport needs. The ULL trajectory should lead to a co-creation (and testing?) of possible new solution of flexible public transport in rural areas of Flanders as to create a more connected and inclusive society.