resilient & inclusive public transport

Photo by Asep Bagja Priandana on Unsplash

Tallinn Urban Living Lab

The Living Lab of the Tallinn city region focuses on the integration of different mobility solutions and fare systems into the public transport system. The current situation, whereby public transport is partially free, that is within the city of Tallinn and only for residents registered in the city, results in a system where the residents of the city region have less incentive to use public transport. This is partly due to the fact that they have to pay the full fare for their commuting journeys to Tallinn (with some exceptions) and neither the fare system nor other mobility solutions are integrated. Therefore, ULL is exploring ways to integrate micro-mobility as well as shared mobility services or innovative mobility solutions into public transport, taking into account the differences between central and peripheral as well as densely populated and sparsely populated areas in the city region. As part of the Living Lab, we investigate the local potential of demographically and geographically diverse locations for viable business opportunities and improving service quality for daily public transport infrastructures. To this end, we are bringing together stakeholders and citizens, together with the CARIN-PT team, to find locally-responsive and resilient ways to be mobile within the Tallinn city region. The Urban Living Lab is designed as a participatory initiative and includes collaborative and experimental methods to test mobility solutions to overcome dependence on the private car and rely on public transport to create integrated, equitable and inclusive mobility systems for the urban region.